Spain vs Germany 2010 = Refs?

What’s the score and who's keeping record? from the school yard days hasn't that always been the question everyone wanted the answer to. Go ahead and laugh! but this time the tables may turn as now the Germans have the taste of revenge on their tongues and a shot a showing the world how great of a team they really are. Some say that Spain’s win in 2008 against Germany was a fabrication manufacture by the referees 1-0 was the score since last the grass stained Soccer Cleats of the Germans treaded off the fields in a lost buy the hands of Spain Will this be an upset all over again or will they be triumphant.

Organic women's retreat

In a time when peoples hopes are nearly gone, dare to dream! the organic woman's retreat and trade show July 10 2010, just because the stocks are down don't mean that Americas productivity and innovative creativity has left south Florida, Are you a women who has a great idea or product you think might change the world we live in making it more clean for all who live in it? If you answered yes to this question than join us at the organic women's retreat @ the signature Grand Mansion on July 10 2010, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm 6900 state road 84 Davie Florida. Be one of many vendors, individuals, business women who will be displaying thier individual thoughts products and ideas for the future and wellness of our comunity and our planet.        Great networking opportunity
Great networking opportunity

Come join me at First Annual Organic Women Retreat on 3HP RECORDS

Daisy Gates
Daisy Gates has invited you to the event 'First Annual Organic Women Retreat' on 3HP RECORDS!
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Daisy Gates

First Annual Organic Women Retreat Time: July 10, 2010 from 8am to 4pm
Location: South Florida
Organized By: Najeebah Medina: Communications Mananger

Event Description:
Mission Statement

We are here to Empower, Build, Create and Establish our Women of Today. We recognize our women to be strong leaders for our children of tomorrow. We aim to Naturally, Spiritually and mentally feed our Mind, Body and Soul through a Greater Movement. In fact, Women must have time to reflect on their dreams and goals. The Most Highest gave us gifts and they should be appreciated. By using these skills we begin to open and explore our true selves, talents and abilities, which we are born with. As a result we find balance in our household, community, village, and job/business. We open up a whole new realm of happiness, joy and relaxation while we walk into our purpose on earth. Look no further, The Organic Women's Retreat mission is to strengthen the bonds between women and the universe in a holistic environment.

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